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Yoga Sutras Chapter II 5-9

Sutras 5-9

Sutras 5-9 define the five klesas..

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II-5. anitya asuci duhka anatmasu nitya suci sukha atma khyatih avidya

anitya: impermanent/ephemeral

asuci: impure

duhka: pain (literally "bad space")

anatmasu: non-self, other than true self, other than higher self

nitya: eternal

suci: pure

sukha: happy, joyful

atma: Self, true self, higher self

khyatih: realization, vision

avidya: ignorance

Ignorance is the mistaking of the impure as pure, the painful (that which causes bad space) as happiness, the impermanent as eternal, and the other than true Self for the higher Self.

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II-6. drk darsana saktyoh ekatmata iva asmita

drk: the seer

darsana: seeing

saktyoh: these two powers

ekatmata: as if one (power)

iva: verily (truly)

asmita: egotism

Egotism is when the seer mistakenly identifies itself as the seen. For example, we believe that we are our bodies, or our bodies are who we are. This misidentifaction is the source of much trouble for us.

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II-7 sukhanusayi ragah

sukha: pleasure pain (literally "good space")

anusayin: follows, based on

ragah: attachment, hankering

Attachment is based on pleasurable experiences. Because we remember pleasurable experiences, we hanker after them causing ourselves much frustration and dissatisfaction. This hankering can be the source of much trouble for us.

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II-8. duhkanusayi dvesah

duhka: pain (literally "bad space")

anusayin: follows, based on

dvesah: aversion

Aversion is based on painful experiences. Because we remember painful experiences, we try to avoid situations that we believe will be painful. As a result, we may miss out on things that are actually good for us. This avoidance can be the source of much trouble.

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II-9. svarasavahi viduso'pi samarudhah abhinivesah

sva: one's own


vahi: flow

vidusa: wise one, sage

api: even

samarudhah: firmly rooted

abhinivesah: innate fear, based on fear of death or the fear that the "flow of life" will end

Fear is present, even for the sages, because the will to life is so strong. All fear is based on the fear of death or that the "flow of life" will end.

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